Car Wash Management

Car wash operations are integral to the RAC service offering and the needs of their market. Car washes are used 24 hours a day, seven days a week and require considerable maintenance to meet the demand. Downtime due to repair, parts or required maintenance is a daily challenge effecting RAC’s across many sites. With the capacity to self-perform car wash service, we solve the unique service and response needs not always available through local vendors.

As part of our comprehensive and national car wash program, we are strategic partners and distributors of the industry standard Belanger and NS Corporation brands and provide a discounted pricing program to the RACs. This parts inventory method reduces shipping costs and minimizes downtime waiting for parts. A stocked in-house parts inventory will help to ensure equipment is accessible at all times, reducing lost production time due to machine malfunction and repair-equipment shipping lags.

NSCorp Belanger

Conrac Solutions