Conrac Solutions, parent company to Conrac Managers SEA, the fuel and facility manager in the Seattle (SEA), and Conrac Managers MDW in Chicago Midway consolidated facilities, creates value to the Rental Car Industry through a patent-pending fuel delivery and pricing structure. This value compares actual fuel costs to the same volume purchased at average street prices.

On Veteran’s Day 2013, 544 days after opening, the SEA CONRAC passed the $1,000,000 mark for such value-added fuel. This benchmark highlights the value of Conrac Solutions’ structure for fuel delivery and pricing as a potential model to be deployed at other CONRAC facilities.

In Seattle, Conrac Solutions’ method realized a value of $608,901 year-to-date 2013. Annualized savings are expected to be around $654,000 which, compared to the Facility Operations Budget, is greater than a full year of electricity and natural gas expense, or nearly twice the budgeted expense for on-site management payroll. Compared to rental transactions, this value amounts to $0.5829 per rental transaction.

The numbers are still positive in MDW despite how certain site characteristics (specifically tanks not being connected with a manifold, a limited storage capacity, and less volume) reduce the overall impact of the fueling structure. Since opening 8 months ago in April, the MDW CONRAC has realized a value add of 108,406. Annualized savings are expected to be around $159,000; comparable to four months electric and natural gas expense, or one full year of janitorial services.

In Seattle the average value compared to street price is $0.2192/gallon with Chicago MDW at $0.1434/gallon. The difference in markets and site setup make comparison difficult. However, some upcoming opportunities at other CONRAC facilities may provide additional benchmarking capabilities to better determine the value of site equipment (specifically tank size and overall storage capacities) and the fuel delivery structure developed by Conrac Solutions.

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