CS Operators

CS Operators provides facility management and comprehensive technical capabilities in consolidated facility operations. At every site, CS Operators is dedicated to developing a partnership with the airport and the rent-a-car industry for a comprehensive, integrated approach to facility management, allowing for results that unite all stakeholders through common-ground solutions that provide cost efficiencies and long-term operational success for the facility.

Statement of Qualifications
Case Study: ACDBE Outreach
Case Study: Benefits of Early Operator Input
Case Study: Fire Life Safety
Case Study: Innovation in Fence Reallocation
Case Study: Signage Changes Improve Experience
Case Study: Strategic Camera Investment Supports Loss Prevention
Case Study: Proactive Car Wash Management Yields Major Savings
Case Study: New Fuel Supply Method Saves Rent-A-Car Industry Money
Case Study: Innovative Waste Management Program Saves Money

Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

CS Operators is contracted on behalf of facility stakeholders for more than 50 different services and common functions at operational sites. CS Operators works with facility tenants to manage service providers, provide a clear financial path for operational expenditures, and keep the facility running. Managed services are for both hard facility maintenance, such as structural and electrical work, and soft facility maintenance, including custodial, security and more.

Auxiliary Services

Operating at consolidated facilities and within the regulatory framework of airports brings unique and complex concerns for tenants. In addition to Common Area Maintenance scope, CS Operators has developed a vast array of add-on service offerings and approaches to benefit facility tenants and airports alike.

Auxiliary Service: Car Wash Management
Self-Performance: With the capacity to self-perform car wash management, this program meets the unique service and response needs which are not always available through local vendors. As strategic partners and distributors of the industry standard Belanger and NS Corporation brands, CS Operators also provides a discounted equipment pricing program.

Program benefits include:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Minimized equipment downtime
  • Reduced lost production time due to machine malfunction
  • Reduced repair equipment shipping lags

Chemicals: By combining the purchasing power of facility tenants and centrally managing the supply chain, CS Operators can offer industry standard car wash chemicals for low costs and formulas optimized to perform in a consolidated facility environment. CS Operators’ chemical program offers a full line of washing and detailing products available a la carte.

Efficiencies Through Data Analytics and Tracking: In an effort to de-silo operational strategies and improve cost saving measures, CS Operators has implemented data tracking at various locations. Advantages enabled through analysis of month-to-month usage reports and annual efficiency observations include predictive maintenance, resulting in decreased asset downtime and increased tenant cashflow via per-transactions accounting.

Auxiliary Service: Waste Management (Patented)
CS Operators’ innovative waste management methodology focuses on three key steps: centralization, compaction, and recycling, in turn reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency and safety. Waste management is centralized by use of mobile dumpsters, enabling collection efficiency. Compacting waste reduces costs of disposal from bulk hauling and recycling also provides additional savings in hauling fees. Patent info may be found here.

Overall program benefits include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Less mess
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved employee safety
  • Operational value gained
  • Higher employee morale

Auxiliary Service: Fuel Management (Patented)
CS Operators analyzed rent-a-car industry needs and applied a data-driven approach to develop a fuel method optimized for consolidated and remote rent-a-car service sites. Using weighted average methods designed to provide a lower cost of fuel compared to street prices in turn provides maximum gain to tenant financial margins. Patent info may be found here.

Program benefits:

  • Saves money and adds value
  • Lower operating costs
  • Operational value gained

Other Facility Benefits

CS Operators recognizes the value of different backgrounds and experiences and has a robust outreach program aimed at building relationships, identifying opportunities, and developing skills. Program goals include promoting contracting opportunities and increasing participation with small, local, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses.


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