Seattle Tacoma International Airport

3150 S 160th St
Seattle, WA 98188
Office: (206) 246-2512
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  • Design Consultant & Pre-Development
  • Consortium Manager
  • Activation Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Fueling Manager

Key Figures

Fueling Stations
Car Washes
Sq. Ft.
RAC Brands
Acre Site


Designed to meet demand for an airport expected to reach 45 million annual passengers by 2025, this facility includes four quick turn-around areas, four operational floors including ready return, and a fifth floor for a bus plaza, customer service lobby and employee and visitor parking.

CS Project Delivery became involved as facilitator during pre-development phases of the project from 2008-2009. CS Operators was hired as the facility and fuel manager in 2011. Since then, the CS Operators team assisted the rent-a-car industry and Airport throughout the commissioning and activation process, ensuring the 24-hour facility was fully functional when it opened in May 2012 and currently provides operations and fueling management for the facility.