Matthew Fairbanks, Director of Facilities Management, and Anthony Criddle, Facility Services Manager, presented at Brigham Young University's (BYU) student seminar for facility and property management students. Both graduates of the facility and property management program, Matt and Anthony were asked to discuss their career paths, successes and failures, offer career advise, and talk about their contributions at Conrac Solutions.

About 40 students and faculty were in attendance. The student seminar is a weekly event that brings in guest speakers from across the country, most of which have some affiliation to the degree program, or are interested in hiring either interns or graduates. Conrac Solutions has hired a few individuals from the BYU FPM program, including Matthew and Anthony, as well as hosting several internships during the opening of some of its sites.

More information about BYU's facility and property management degree can be found online at:

The degree program is one of several in the country that specialize in facility and property management, and is one of only a few that are accredited by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). From the IFMA Foundation Website: Our Accredited Degree Program Initiative has created degree opportunities for more than 800 FM students at 27 colleges and universities in eight countries, increasing more than 150% since 2008. The standards for these degree programs are continually updated to meet the demands of the rapidly changing and evolving FM profession and to ensure that these new colleagues are well-equipped to meet the demands of FM now and in the future.

Conrac Solutions also discussed with BYU potential research opportunities to assist in its benchmarking and cost-analysis efforts. Having the support of facility management-minded students provides an effective solution to tackle a problem that faces the rental car and travel industry: the lack of comparable information from one site to the next.

Conrac Solutions, in locations where it has a presence, has also reached out to students in facility management and related programs at local universities. If you represent a university and are interested in partnering with Conrac Solutions for facility management or related fields of internship, study, or research, please contact us through our website at